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Add Customizable Internet-Based Shopping and Communications to Your Business

In today’s competitive landscape, customers demand around-the-clock access to companies. EFI Digital StoreFront® helps you meet this challenge with a dual-purpose Web platform designed for the printing industry. It allows you to meet your clients’ diverse print communication needs for top line growth, while providing a seamless on-ramp to print production to maximize efficiencies and drive profitability. Digital StoreFront also enables you to provide value-add applications such as personalized print products and managed customer catalogs to expand your service and offerings to your current customers.

When you choose Digital StoreFront, you’re choosing to work with the market leader in software solutions to the printing and packaging industry. By working with a leader you gain a partner to support this increasingly important aspect of your business. Digital StoreFront includes software, flexible deployment options and a complete range of professional services to ensure your success today and into the future.

With EFI Digital StoreFront you can:

  • Open a new front door to business. Digital StoreFront's unique, customizable shopping platform lets businesses meet customer’s diverse print communication needs by offering them a unique shopping experience. Site visitors can navigate the full suite of print products and services through one easy-to-use storefront, catalog environment - just like consumer e-commerce sites but with print-specific features.
  • Automate your company’s job submission and more. Customers can send new documents from their desktop computers from anywhere worldwide, using Digital StoreFront's automatic PDF conversion capabilities or the solution’s easy-to-use ticketing features to specify how they want their jobs produced. Site visitors can also choose pre-defined jobs from a visual catalog, as well as variable data printing (VDP) and non-print items like advertising specialties, logo merchandise and apparel, and even kits.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other EFI solutions to improve your profitability. Digital StoreFront creates an end-to-end content and commerce workflow by providing seamless integration with other EFI products such as Fiery®, EFI Balance™, EFI MicroPress, EFI Monarch, EFI PrintSmith™, EFI Pace™, EFI PSI™, EFI Hagen™ and EFI Logic™. Integration means less re-keying of job data and fewer hances for production errors.
  • Give customers product visibility with Digital StoreFront's graphical preview. The solution lets users, who are ordering documents and products, to proof these items on screen as they are produced, including representations of paper colors and finishing options. Letting users see what they will get gives them the confidence to order more sophisticated documents and products.
  • Multi-Language Support - Digital StoreFront is multiple languages, including as Dutch, English, French, Italian, German, Norwegian, Spanish and more. The optional multi-lingual version detects browser language settings, and automatically adjusts the user interface to the correct language and culture. Digital StoreFront also provides the ability to customize virtually every string in the entire application, from a simple administrator user interface. This allows verbiage to be adjusted for local and cultural preferences, and also provides the ability to change nomenclature for particular operations within the system.
  • Capitalize on greater VDP power through a rich Digital StoreFront experience. No matter what Digital StoreFront version and integrated VDP option they have, whether it's the powerful XMPie personalization technology or the popular FusionPro engine, users won’t be forced into a proprietary document model. Either implementation allows them to offer customers single record (versioning) products, as well as 1:1 personalized products to support applications such as direct marketing – all via the rich Digital StoreFront experience.
  • Choose from several deployment options. Digital StoreFront is the only Web-to-Print offering that gives businesses a choice between hosting the application or letting EFI host it for them as a managed “Software as a Service” (SaaS).
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January 23-26, 2018